VMware did it! ESXi is now free!

If you’ve been looking for a robust virtualization solution, ie. ESX, but haven’t had the budget, willpower, whatever else needed, to get on board.  VMware just made it a LOT easier.
You can now download ESXi for free!
Don’t miss it.  It really is a great product, and for geeks like me, that may have some extra hardware sitting around, or will shell out a few thousand for a server (coff… Dell… coff… 19xx… inexpensive), it’s a great way to play with the technology, or bump your infrastructure.  For businesses, you can look forward to lower costs (power, AC, etc) using this platform to begin a server consolidation initiative.
Worse case scenario… there is none, it’s free… play away! 😉
EDIT: You can download a VI3 reference card from http://www.vmreference.com/vi3-card/.  It’s an excellent cheatsheet on settings to use and frequent commands.


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