The iPad, to wreak havoc on current tech?

Havoc Hav"oc, v. t. To devastate; to destroy; to lay waste. [1913 Webster]

I’ve seen some really negative reviews on the iPad and it’s potential and feature set. I’ve talked to some friends about it, mostly PC users, that are less than thrilled with what the iPad has to offer.  I can understand people potentially not wanting to go out and jump on the boat immediately due to costs, but the shortsightedness of the negative reviewers never ceases to amaze me.


Apple is notorious for coming out with revolutionary products.  Look at the company’s history… the Apple II, Apple IIe, Apple IIc (which was extremely small and sexy for it’s time), Macs, Macbooks, iMacs, iPods, iPhones, and now… the iPad.  Even Apple’s naysayers have to admit that the company is pushing the technology revolution.  That’s right, I said Apple is pushing the technology revolution.  Microsoft has made some missteps, but for the most part has done an amazing job helping people do what they need to do today, as in their old marketing brand, “Where do you want to go today?”.  If Apple were to come up with branding similar to Microsoft’s along the same line, it would be something to the extent of “Where do you want to go in the next decade?” or “Where do you want your children and grandchildren to go when they grow up?”

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When Apple released the iPhone, I was completely happy with my Windows Mobile phone, along with most of my colleagues, and many other people and their own favorite devices.  To me, the price of the iPhone was originally cost prohibitive.  That was until I actually played with one, after which I had an iPhone within the month.  Now, most of my colleagues are on them, and we’re predominantly a Microsoft shop.  That’s just how Apple works in my opinion.  They release something, deal with the naysayers, and know that as their product makes it out there, it’ll sell itself, even to the haters.  How many Apple haters, how many people that gave iPhones a bad review, are actually using the platform now?  In my humble opinion, if you’re down on the iPad, your thinking is very short sided and my 6 year old may have deeper vision than you.  Not trying to be insulting, but pointing out the fact that you may suffer from a lack of imagination.

If you’ve watched Star Trek, TNG specifically, you’ll remember the PADD (personal access display device).  It was basically a handheld platform that allowed you to do many different things.  That visualization was sexy at the time and still is today to some extent, that is until the release of the iPad.  Apple’s even one-upped Star Trek in my opinion, though a few decades after, or is that several hundred years before??? 😉


Business Travelers:  Imagine not having to lug around a laptop.  Imagine being able to carry something light and efficient, that would allow you to do your computing as necessary: conduct presentations, check and compose email, read a book, play a game, process orders… basically everything you do on your laptop for those just under the true power-user band.

Medicine:  Imagine a doctor walking around with an iPad.  Able to pull up your chart right there, with links to imaging such as x-rays and MRIs.  Able to write a prescription and send it to a pharmacy to be filled while they are still talking to you.  Able to have access to your medical history without leaving the room.  Able to connect to equipment on the spot to make necessary adjustments or setups.  Don’t think it’s real?  My last doctor’s appointment, my doctor walked in with her laptop and did some of the above.  She complained about the technology and the platform, a heavy laptop, and now an iPad can replace that.

Students:  Save the trees, use an iPad?  Many students are lugging around laptops nowadays.  Why can’t they lug around an iPad instead?  It’s a lot less of a lug.  Ah… no tactile feedback for fast typing on the keyboard!?  Have you seen how fast people can type on an iPhone?  Frankly, I’d rather lug around the tiny and sexy iPad than a laptop any day.  Oh, and you need to share notes?  Swipe across your screen while your iPad is in close proximity to another and a copy of your notes slide onto the other iPad.  There’s (better be) an app for that.  Doubt it?  Look in the app store for ‘Bump’.

Mechanics and builders:  Need schematic or blueprint access?  Ok, mechanics may have issue with keeping the screen clean, but there just may be a peripheral or accessory for that.

IT Pros:  Remote into systems that you need to manage while on the move.  Don’t think it’s possible?  You can do it now from an iPhone. 😛 Mobile Remote Desktop- VPN, an iPhone, and PocketCloud.

Get the picture?

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If you’re working in an industry, that pretty much means everyone with a job, I can give you at least several use cases for an iPad.  If you have children, same thing.  If you’re a homemaker… yep, same thing.

… and with the 3G model, you’ll never have to be worried about a connection to the Internet.  Oh, and if you are unaware, the 3G models all ship ‘unlocked’, which means if I owned a cellular company right now, I’d be licking my lips at pulling AT&T customers off of their network, which is the default cellular provider for the 3G.

That’s all fine and good, where’s the ‘havoc’?  It’s everywhere!  The iPad will spawn a generation of clones.  It will change or strongly enhance how people do business from a tools perspective.  It will change how people interact with the systems that they use (gestures and multitouch).  It has the strong potential to usher in another facet of the technology revolution in the same way iPhones have.  How many PC users, including myself, are waiting for Microsoft to build gestures and multitouch into the Windows OS.  Guess that’ll be a while since Win 7 just came out. 

Microsoft developers may want to start learning objective-c and adding it to their bag-o-tricks just to increase marketability and job options, or to write your own apps.

Still don’t believe in it?  Ok, all ranting aside, just look at Apple’s track record with products and releases.  Watch the Keynote that Steve Jobs delivered.  Keep an open mind and think outside of the box.  Then, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.  It’s an exciting time!

My humble opinion. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The iPad, to wreak havoc on current tech?”

  1. Absolutely agree! I think the doomsayers that say Apple is wrong on this one will be eating their words in a year’s time.

    You see hardware comparison’s with other slates, or reasons why tablets generally have failed in the past. But this is not a slate trying to run full-blown windows and only lasting 1.5 hours on battery as a result 🙂

    You forgot the last user scenario – me right now. Sitting on a couch checking some email and surfing the web.

    PS – I was a committed Windows Mobile user for years until I got an iPhone too.

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