Enable Tap-Drag in OSX Mountain Lion

It took a few minutes to track down, but here’s a quick note on how to enable Tap-Drag in OSX Mountain Lion.  To use: tap once then tap again and drag without pulling your finger off the trackpad.

Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > select “Mouse & Trackpad” > “Trackpad Options” click the checkbox for “Enable dragging”.

Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 1.12.07 PM

“With Drag Lock” means that if you need to take your finger off the trackpad, your next touch will allow you to continue dragging if it is a drag move.  To end Drag Lock, simply tap the trackpad.

“Without Drag Lock”, when you remove your finger from the trackpad the dragging will cease.

7 thoughts on “Enable Tap-Drag in OSX Mountain Lion”

  1. Well under Mountain Lion there is no dragging checkbox in system preferences-> alt+command+f5 -> mouse trackpad..
    Maybe it only works on Lion? Is there some way on Mountain Lion as well to reactivate it?

    1. @Dennis Yes, it’s there under Mountain Lion. Apologies if my post wasn’t clear.

      System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

  2. Yes! Thank you so much, been looking for this option for about an hour!

    Why on earth did Apple bother to remove it from the normal Trackpad preference pane in the first place!?

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