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Microsoft Office Communicator for Mac 2011 Crashes in OSX Lion – PATCHED!

In the compatibility war, I’ve come across my first real casualty after my OSX Lion upgrade.  What’s strange is this didn’t appear until today, and I’ve been running Lion and Communicator for more than a few weeks now.

The symptom appears to be that when Microsoft Communicator, which is part of the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 package, attempts to reach out to one of your contacts, by any means from my basic testing (chat, audio, video), Communicator crashes even though it starts up and lets you get that far.

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Download OSX Lion Again After It Has Been Installed

This is just a quick note on how to redownload OSX Lion.  I had a hard time finding this, maybe it’s common knowledge for everyone else, but…

There are tons of articles out there on how to create a bootable disk, or USB stick, etc., but all of them require you to have the original installer downloaded from the Mac App Store, which dissappears after you install it.  Don’t even bother looking, I at least haven’t been able to find it.

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OSX Lion – Brief Review

I’ve been running OSX Lion for a few weeks now and wanted to do a quick review since I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve installed it on a 2010 iMac and a 1st Gen Macbook Air.  My experience with the latest rendition of the Mac OS has been 99% joy, which I honestly can’t say about any other OS that I’ve started off with right off the bat.  For starters, the OS has been solid on both of the machines that I’m using it on.  To be specific, I’ve had to force quit twice, between both machines, since the GM release, one time Safari was the application and the second time it was Steam, and in each case I was pushing the box hard at the time.  Lots of applications running and lots of processing.  Steam restarted no problem… it’s just Steam.  Safari, when I restarted it, remembered every last window I had open, including tabs, sites, and window positions… as is mentioned in the features.  Force quit cost me about 30 seconds of time, and I had it all back.  Hiccup… no problem.

So before ranting about what I like about the software, I’ll jump right to something that seems to be missing…

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Now That’s Customer Service! Good Job Apple.

I love it when companies use technology to increase efficiency, and Apple has at least one part of customer service ‘down to a science’.

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this with an Apple Store, but it’s the third time which tells me the prior two times were not flukes.  The latest time, I happened to have an iPod Touch that bricked on me.  No good reason either, I hadn’t jailbroken it, or done anything actually except for activate it, sync it, play music on it, and test some in-house iOS apps.  The only other app I had installed on it was Pandora.  One afternoon, I plug it in to play some music and it won’t do anything, no power on, no reset, no nothing.

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