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Rolling In a New Blog

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After over a year of playing around with CKS EBE, I’ve finally moved out of MOSS for blogging and on to WordPress.  Nothing against blogging with MOSS and CKS EBE, but with the MOSS/WSS feature-set, it seems it’s overkill, kinda like using a shotgun to kill a fly.  Also, with CKS EBE not being updated any longer, and the extensibility of WordPress, it just seemed time to move on.

I’m not going to go all Linux on ya, but LAMP is pretty good, with a small footprint, and Open Source is never a bad thing.

Now as far as getting WordPress MU up and running, configured properly, and connecting properly with Windows Live Writer (WLW), that’s a story in and of itself being that I’m not a Linux guru.  I got some help from my go-to tech buddy, Bobby, and amazingly enough I was able to help him with a few things too.

Anyway, I plan on using this blog quite a bit more than I have in the past, especially with SharePoint 2010 coming up, Windows 7, Exchange 2010, and a bunch of other products.  Oh! Not to mention vSphere making it’s way into the market.

If you don’t know about it, WordPress MU is a multi-blog / multi-user environment with all the regular functionality of WordPress.

I guess time will tell.  See ya around the Web.

CKS EBE and Automatic Detection of Trackbacks… no no… you get SPAM hell.

If you’re using CKS EBE and have a solution to this, please feel free to let me know.

The automatic detection of blogs that post to your site is a pretty nice feature of CKS EBE, however, from what I see, there is no error checking.  So if sites point to yours, you’ll eventually detect it through trackbacks, and you’ll post their spam onto your site.

If this has happened to you, the easiest solution is to create a template for the list that contains the spam (trackbacks received), delete the list that has the spam, and recreate it with the exact same name.  Hopefully you have some experience with MOSS so doing this won’t be too difficult, however if you need further instructions, let me know.

Keep in mind that following this procedure will cause all of your trackbacks received to be lost.  If this hasn’t happened to you yet, you can disable this feature under "blog settings > Receive trackbacks from other blogs".

Good luck, happy blogging, and hey… at least I was #3 for ‘orgasmoverdose’ on google for a little while. hahaha.  Damn spammers.

Google’s Search for AdSense and MOSS/WSS – CKS:EBE

Since starting this blog, I’ve tried to add features that I thought might be useful.  After experimenting with a few searches, I decided to go with Google’s Search for AdSense.  It seemed to be a pretty useful tool, with advertising harmlessly placed on the side of the search results page, and if someone finds an ad that they are interested in, I’d make a few pennies.

However, with the way MOSS is constructed, with ASPX pages, master pages, and the rendering and server call structure, it was not as easy as some of the other features I put on this site.  The code that Google provides to copy and paste into the page is nested inside a <FORM> tag.  With the way ASPX pages are generated, that would be nesting one <FORM> tag inside another <FORM> tag and that dog just won’t hunt.  After doing quite a bit of head banging, and a ton of searching and experimenting, I was able to come up with some javascript that I thought would post properly.  This worked out just fine in Safari, I didn’t test on Firefox, but failed miserably in IE.  In Safari, the link would redirect properly, but in IE, the page would simply post back to itself, adding the proper querystring variables, the information after the URL that sites sometimes use to determine what you’ve done on a prior page, but failing miserably to deliver the desired result.  As IE is one of the most used browsers on the Internet, this just wasn’t acceptable.  Thus began my search for content on how to do it.  I couldn’t believe I was the only one with the issue.  After some pain, I came up with the solution listed below, and even some javascript to get Google’s branding back into the text box.  I didn’t want to violate any of their terms of use. 😉

The code below is used to replace the <FORM> that Google’s code generator spit out, and behaves properly within SharePoint (sorry, no syntax highlighting or proper formatting, as I haven’t gotten around to that ‘feature’ yet):

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Windows Live Writer + CKS EBE

I was reading a post on Gav’s Blog by the same title as this one and noticed that he wrote a section about having categories set.

It appears that within Live Writer, you can blog until your heart’s content, but when you set multiple categories, you can’t publish, and when you set 1 category, it doesn’t stick.  I’ve done a little digging, and I can elaborate a little on the behavior.

When setting multiple categories within Live Writer, yes the publishing fails.

When setting a single category, publishing succeeds, but the category doesn’t show up in any of your public views.  However, if you go to the SharePoint list, you will see that the category IS indeed associated with the blog post, however when the page renders, it is failing to show up.  See the screenshots below.  Another odd part of this behavior is that from this list view, the categories that I have set up for the other posts aren’t showing up.  Odd behavior!

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