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Your Vote Matters in Affecting Technology!

I’m not one to jump on the soapbox, well not usually ;), but SOPA/PIPA and other bills written as Anti-Piracy laws really threaten Internet freedoms.  Politicians are paying far too much attention to the rights of corporations than they are to the rights of the people and that’s just not right… er… so to say.

Please vote and let politicians that back half-baked bills such as SOPA/PIPA, get it right.  Did you know sponsors of SOPA/PIPA only caved in the last hour due to Internet outrage, … koff… Marco Rubio (from what I heard! It may not be true), and don’t really understand the technology or the ramifications of the tech laws that they are attempting to pass.

Rant over. 🙂

My Experience: The Synology DS1511+ NAS is Purely Rock Solid

12-26-10-synology-15tb-nasI’ve been running a vSphere lab of my since ESX 2.x.  Over the years, I’ve used both local and NAS based storage with varying degrees of satisfaction with the results.  In the case of NAS storage, which is required since I can’t afford a SAN, I looked at Synology devices over the last year trying to gain the motivation to make the investment.

Needless to say, I dove in with both feet, and maxed out a Synology DS1511+ with 3TB drives.  I purchased my Synology DS1511+ from SimplyNas with the drives included, including their burn-in testing, and I haven’t looked back.  The device has been up and running since October 2011.

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Now That’s Customer Service! Good Job Apple.

I love it when companies use technology to increase efficiency, and Apple has at least one part of customer service ‘down to a science’.

This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this with an Apple Store, but it’s the third time which tells me the prior two times were not flukes.  The latest time, I happened to have an iPod Touch that bricked on me.  No good reason either, I hadn’t jailbroken it, or done anything actually except for activate it, sync it, play music on it, and test some in-house iOS apps.  The only other app I had installed on it was Pandora.  One afternoon, I plug it in to play some music and it won’t do anything, no power on, no reset, no nothing.

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ESXi Going Forward, Is It Really All Doom and Gloom?

ESXi vs. ESX – warning, this is a rant! 🙂

I recently participated in a discussion thread on LinkedIn in the VMware Certified Professionals group that got to be a little lively.  In this discussion, outside of the original poster’s question, a side discussion began on ESXi vs. ESX and all the trouble that it entails.  One poster in particular, a former VMware TSE (tech support engineer), really preached doom and gloom about the product’s future with the announced phase out of ESX and transition and continuation of ESXi as the VMware flagship product.

I personally have mixed feelings about the decision.  I love ESX and have been working with the product for years now.  I like the accessibility and control that the service console provides and thus far have been willing to tolerate the overhead of the Console Operating System (COS) and some of the associated problems as a trade-off for the control that it provides.  Apparently there are people that are far more upset about this decision by the powers-that-be at VMware than I am though, and in one case the former TSE even said that he would look forward to seeing people ‘crumble’ when they have problems with ESXi and no console access.  As I’m running this blog, and try to provide information and help to people at their fingertips, I would never wish ill on my fellow techies or the organizations that employ them.  Well maybe a few… <grin>.

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The iPad, to wreak havoc on current tech?

Havoc Hav"oc, v. t. To devastate; to destroy; to lay waste. [1913 Webster]

I’ve seen some really negative reviews on the iPad and it’s potential and feature set. I’ve talked to some friends about it, mostly PC users, that are less than thrilled with what the iPad has to offer.  I can understand people potentially not wanting to go out and jump on the boat immediately due to costs, but the shortsightedness of the negative reviewers never ceases to amaze me.


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