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YUM Updates Failing for Linux

This is just a quick note to maybe help someone not have to endure the frustration I had over a few hours of last week trying to figure out why my Linux host was failing to download packages.  I kept getting ‘header incomplete’ errors, and ‘there are no more mirrors to try’.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common-place error, so the content on the Internet was broad.  What my particular issue ended up being is that my security appliance prevents http range downloads.  The anti-virus software on the appliance in particular, blocks that style of download due to the fact that you may be able to download a virus in pieces rather than all at once, and therefore the scan would miss it.

Some versions of Linux have been updated to pull the whole files down intact and in a single shot, but if you’re running a version that doesn’t, there are some alternatives.  I took the easy way out and put the box on a less network that allowed me to download and apply all the updates.  Apparently you can create your own package synchronization site within the boundaries of your network and have your Linux hosts update from that.  As I said, I took the easy way out.  You can also disable the virus scanner on your security appliance or router, or add a rule that allows HTTP range downloads.  I decided against that since I want to be as secure as I can.

So if you’re running into that error.  A quick fix is bypassing your security appliance for the update. 🙂

Good luck.