Windows Live Writer + CKS EBE

I was reading a post on Gav’s Blog by the same title as this one and noticed that he wrote a section about having categories set.

It appears that within Live Writer, you can blog until your heart’s content, but when you set multiple categories, you can’t publish, and when you set 1 category, it doesn’t stick.  I’ve done a little digging, and I can elaborate a little on the behavior.

When setting multiple categories within Live Writer, yes the publishing fails.

When setting a single category, publishing succeeds, but the category doesn’t show up in any of your public views.  However, if you go to the SharePoint list, you will see that the category IS indeed associated with the blog post, however when the page renders, it is failing to show up.  See the screenshots below.  Another odd part of this behavior is that from this list view, the categories that I have set up for the other posts aren’t showing up.  Odd behavior!

Category doesn’t show here.

Category shows here, but none of the other blog entries show.

Category doesn’t show here.

I haven’t done any digging into the CKS:EBE code, but think that even though the presentation layer is using the word category, that CKS:EBE is overriding where that information lives, and Live Writer is unaware of it. 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, but for now, I think the obvious workarounds are to use Live Writer, then update your categories when you get the chance, or just use the SharePoint interface to do your business. 🙂

Either way, CKS:EBE is still an awesome diddy.


2 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer + CKS EBE”

  1. @Anthony,

    You have to connect to it through the metaweblog API that’s built into CKS:EBE. I’m not running it anymore and am not quite sure where the interface lives, but a quick google will help point you in the right direction. Don’t connect using the SharePoint API.

    Hope this helps.

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